Powering his vision for creativity combined with a strong work ethic, restauranteur Mas Liu continues to architect his American Dream. 

About Mas

Mas Liu immigrated from China in 2001 and began his apprenticeship in the demanding restaurant culture of New York.  He along with his brother Jason focused their attention on classic Japanese style sushi.  His family's move to Florida in 2008 realized their dream of owning their own restaurant thus launching Pacific Asian Bistro.  He credits the success of his business to his customers who are willing to be adventurous, allowing him to express his creativity through new ingredients and technigues.  He also relies heavily on his sous chef Liu ’Tuna’ Ling who has been with PAB since it’s inception focusing on traditional Chinese Cuisine.  PAB is very much a family owned and operated business.  You’ll find his mother in the kitchen and his brother who owns Sumo Sushi in St. Johns, working together to create new recipes and experimenting with fresh local produce.  PAB has been awarded numerous ‘Best of Jax' and has been distinguished with the Achievement of Excellence Award from the American Culinary Federation.